Matr1x Secures $10 Million Funding Boost for NFT Mobile Shooter

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3 min readNov 25, 2023


In a significant development for the NFT gaming space, Matr1x, a Singapore-based NFT gaming company, has successfully raised an additional $10 million in funding for its mobile gaming projects. This boost comes as part of the latest A-2 funding round, led by Folius Ventures and co-lead investor SevenX, showcasing growing interest and confidence in the potential of Matr1x’s flagship product, Matr1x Fire.

About Matr1x

Matr1x, at the forefront of the NFT gaming revolution, has carved its niche with the flagship product, Matr1x Fire. This first-person shooter game for mobile devices sets players in a competitive environment where strategic gameplay is crucial. The studio has gained attention for its unique approach to the gaming industry, as demonstrated by the $20 million in VC funding it has amassed so far.

Funding Details

Folius Ventures, a prominent crypto VC firm, took the lead in Matr1x’s latest funding round, contributing to a total of $10 million. Notably, this round doubles the $10 million raised by the game studio in 2022. Other significant contributors include SevenX, ABCDE Capital, Jambo, Initiate Capital, and Find Satoshi Lab, indicating broad support and belief in Matr1x’s potential for success.

Why Matr1x?

Founder of Folius Ventures, Jason Kam, expressed optimism about Matr1x’s potential, highlighting its ability to navigate challenges within the crypto industry. Kam believes that Matr1x strikes a balance that may propel it to critical scale, appeal to the mass market, and sustainably thrive while avoiding the pitfalls of the Web3 death spiral.

Matr1x Fire is not just a game; it’s a potential catalyst for the emergence of an esports scene. The studio has released two NFT collections and plans a third collection, offering a unique membership pass for governance access and revenue sharing within its creator economy. Buyers will also enjoy an upgradeable battle pet, adding an extra layer of engagement to the gaming experience.

Clarifications on Game Comparisons

Given comparisons to other games like Hyper Front and Valorant, Matr1x emphasized the unique elements of Matr1x Fire. The studio clarified that its game follows a CS:GO style, devoid of special powers or skills for characters. This sets it apart from titles like Valorant and Hyper Front, underlining Matr1x’s commitment to delivering a distinct gaming experience.


Matr1x‘s recent funding success not only marks a milestone for the company but also signifies the growing interest and confidence in the potential of NFT gaming. With a clear vision, unique offerings, and strong financial backing, Matr1x is poised to make a significant impact in the evolving landscape of mobile gaming.


Is Matr1x Fire similar to Valorant?

Matr1x Fire follows a CS:GO style gameplay, distinguishing itself from Valorant by not allowing characters to wield special powers or skills. While comparisons have been drawn, Matr1x emphasizes its unique gaming experience.

What sets Matr1x apart in the NFT gaming space?

Matr1x has secured $20 million in VC funding, demonstrating confidence in its potential. Beyond gameplay, the studio offers NFT collections and a membership pass for governance access and revenue sharing, adding an innovative dimension to the gaming experience.

How is Matr1x addressing concerns about game similarities?

Matr1x has clarified its unique gameplay style and has started publishing extensive lore online to provide a deeper understanding of the game’s world. The studio is committed to delivering a distinct gaming experience and engaging its player community.

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